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Please visit our Computer Room retail store in Shiloh for systems, parts, and service.

K&S Pritchard Enterprises provides custom workstation and server solutions, Linux administration and consulting, and other services in the St. Louis Metro Area, Southern Illinois, and Central Illinois.

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[ 2008-10-17 ] Forbes.com: Money-Saving Office Tech Big companies need big software, and big software costs big money. If you're a little guy, however, big, complex software is anything but a competitive advantage.
[ 2006-09-18 ] University dumps Cisco VoIP for open-source Asterisk Some organizations consider taking the plunge off of big iron PBX platforms into IP telephony as being pretty daring, but that's nothing compared to what Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is doing. The south Texas school is boldly moving thousands of users off a Cisco VoIP platform to an open-source VoIP network based on Asterisk.
[ 2006-08-16 ] Hoosier Daddy? In Indiana Schools, It's Linux How's this for back-to-school fashion: More than 20,000 Indiana students are now Linux-enabled under a state grant program to roll out low-cost, easy-to-manage workstations, which are running various flavors of the open-source operating system.
[ 2005-08-21 ] News.Com: Unlocking the enterprise for open source The chief technology officer at Athena Healthcare was sick of multiple databases that contained the same customer record. He wanted to tightly integrate the company's customer data into its Web portal, its financial accounting system and its call center software. After learning more, Gatewood did what a growing number of CTOs are doing today: He went open source.
[ 2004-04-14 ] Computerworld: It's possible to ditch Microsoft Office Is today's OpenOffice good enough for the enterprise? For most jobs -- word processing, presentations or spreadsheets -- the answer is yes.

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